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About MORE

MORE is a private non-profit, 501(c)(3) that makes dreams come true for the people we serve.  We are purpose-driven leaders committed to improving the quality of life of these special individuals we connect with every day.  We celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2019 with the culmination of a 20-year dream of a new facility that will enhance the services of the people we serve and significantly impact the community.

We are passionate about helping to find solutions to ensure equal opportunities and acceptance for the adults with developmental disabilities who are a part of MORE.  To achieve these objectives, we concentrate our efforts on four broad fields for maximum independence: employment, self-advocacy, health, safety.

Our services include customized assessments, self-advocacy classes and everyday experiences by developing and sharing insights with these individuals to create supportive services that result in more fulfilling lives for them.

The “more” in our acronym defines exactly what we want to provide the people we serve in connecting with social and business sectors, government and education, donors and grantees, and, yes – all people in our community.  

With a staff that is both exceptionally talented and deeply dedicated to our vision and mission, we pursue this work with great humility.  Our volunteer Board of Directors represent leaders from all sectors of our community who are engaged with the organization and whose scope of influence extends beyond El Dorado County.  

MORE is committed to making a difference through our work.  We seek to understand what can be, not simply what is.


Our Values

Our values are grounded in our vision that supports the goal that the people we serve will take their rightful place as contributing citizens, community volunteers, neighbors and friends.


Mutual Respect

We listen to and learn from our clients/families, funders, referral/monitoring agencies, Board, community leaders and one another.  We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate them in our work.  We act with humility as we understand that we have as much to learn as to contribute.



We value performance excellence and results.  We set and hold ourselves accountable for “best practices” with the highest standards.



We believe that the greatest success can only happen when relationships have been created with the highest degree of the health, safety and the best interest of our clients, staff and all stakeholders of MORE.  This is a value that we adhere to even at the most difficult situations.



Our staff, Board, volunteers work as a team with our clients and families.  We share what we know and align our efforts with those of others who are dedicated, live and practice principles of high moral character.



We know that good choices and results are grounded in good information, value facts and feedback, speak our minds and understand that hard choices and difficult trade-offs are often necessary. We do this with positive, factual and candid conversations.

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