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Celebrating 50 Years – A Night to Remember

To commemorate 50 successful years of providing service to adults with developmental disabilities in El Dorado County, we hosted Oscar Night at MORE, a fun and fanciful celebration of our 50th Anniversary. The community, which has contributed immensely throughout the years, was invited to join in the celebration.

Guests were welcomed on the red carpet and guided along the memory wall of photos, articles and awards, and enticed to add to our memories with an “Oscar” photo op. After formal introductions, the pledge of allegiance and opening prayer, champagne was poured all around and CEO Susie Davies offered a special toast to our 50 years. Guests then got to enjoy a scrumptious meal by Diane Wilkinson Catering. As plates were being cleared, Susie recognized numerous individuals, including Marlo Edman who was MORE’s first Executive Director, and presented special awards to community members. A fun and glamorous evening of sharing and celebrating memories ended with dancing by DJ Norm Hammond.

Looking back through the magical progression of back when it all began to now, one can only imagine how incredible the next 50 years will be. We invite you to join us as we continue our journey.

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